Shop & Coffee Roaster

Shop Info

Good Stuff

The shop is only open in summer.
The shop was not open in 2020 – Hoping to be in 2021!
Open daily at 8:00 am
Closed Mondays

The shop is located in the center of the motel. It’s a little shop but it’s full of good stuff. You will find:

  • Fresh Roasted Coffee – brewed to go & packaged beans too
  • Snacks – energy and fruit bars, meat sticks, chocolates and more
  • Thimbleberry and other local jams/Jellies “More Fruit-Less Sugar”
  • Local Photography in matted prints and notecards
  • Used cookbooks and misc hobby books
  • Local Artist’s Goods – nature inspired items.
  • Baked Goodies – varying daily; muffins, cookies, breads….
  • Coffee related items – travel cups, presses, cups, etc

Fresh Roasted Coffee

Roasted Daily
Brewed & Packaged

Boreal: Located in or related to Northern areas

We are proud to serve Boreal Beans coffee, roasted on premises daily. You can get a fresh brewed cup and take home a bag of beans too. We offer fair trade certified, organic and shade grown varieties.


Local images, and when we say local, we mean it. Most of the photos have been taken with 3 miles of the shop! Find Lake Superior, Wildflowers, Landscapes, Wildlife and more beautiful images from a beautiful place.